José Ibarra is an architectural designer, researcher, and educator. He is the 2019-2020 Architecture Teaching Fellow at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Ibarra received his Post-Professional M.Arch from Princeton University’s School of Architecture and his B.Arch from Cornell University's AAP, where he also pursued German Studies. Ibarra is the director of transformation of CODA, where he is co-authoring and editing a book on werewolf architecture. He has been an editor of Pidgin magazine, the Cornell Journal of Architecture, as well as ASSOCIATION. Recently, he co-curated the exhibition TOO FAST TOO SLOW in New York City and a performative event about the Bauhaus in Berlin’s Floating University. He has designed, organized, and moderated a series of events, including ‘Digesting Materiality: A Disorderly Colloquium’ and 'Thesis Share: An Impossibly-Long Dinner Table.' Ibarra has taught several courses at Cornell University and Princeton University, and has practiced architecture at Barkow Leibinger, CODA, fxCollaborative, Studio Eber, among other firms. His most recent project, Uncertain Grounds, challenges notions of structural propriety and design constituencies in the Anthropocene. This work was on display at the TOO FAST TOO SLOW show in AWP’s pop-up gallery in New York City in April of 2019. // 20190605_172834 // Princeton, New Jersey